Q:  What does a biometric scanner do?

The biometric scanner integrated with i-lube, allows your employees a
secure, safe and reliable way to log into the system. No more can other
employeees watch a manager type in their password and then use it! With the i-lube
biometric scanner, you simply place your finger on the scanner and you have
instant access to the management features of i-lube.

Q:  Can employees be limited to their access?

Yes, each employee can have their access set up within i-lube so that they only have
access to the management functions they are limited to. The scanner simply replaces
the need to enter name and then password, by simply scanning a finger!

Q:  What about oil and grease? Can the scanner survive the harsh lube environment?

Yes, the scanners can be cleaned and have lasted many years at our customers shops.


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