Vin Scanners

What does the VIN scanner do?

It allows you to scan the VIN of the vehicle; which instantly returns the year, make, model, engine size and all chek-chart information for the specific vehicle; saving you time!

How do I use the VIN scanner?

Our custom programmed i-lube scan application allows you to use the VIN scanning mode. You can scan the vehicles VIN (bar code) located either inside the door jam or on the dashboard. You then greet the customer by name, and enter the mileage of the vehicle on the scanner. Then you send that information to the bay computer. It's just that easy...

Is the Scanner wireless?

Yes, you can use it up to 200 feet from the base. So if you are running a busy store you can go out in the lineup; greet customers, talk to them about their services, and then scan them into the computer. Greeting customers and loading them into the POS can reduced drive-aways by more then 75%!

Can the scanner withstand a harsh lube shop environment?

Yes, the VIN scanner is the P370 model built by Symbol Technologies (now Motorola). They are rugged, high-performance wireless devices that enable instant and seamless communications. They are built to withstand accidental drops onto concrete or into the pit.

Designed with a comfortable forward scanning pistol grip to minimize fatigue, they are durable and lightweight.




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