"We have been using ilube for nearly 9 years now, and words cannot explain how very pleased we are with the layout, ease of use and the tools. I-lube has evolved and changed every year and more and more features have been added. We have no hesitation in recommending i-lube to anyone."

Ben K. Chief Executive Officer, Kwik Change and Lube

"When we purchased Qwik Change Oil and Lube the most time consuming issue with our oil changes was paper work. With our old POS system it took more time to input information than it did to perform the oil change. Through a little research we discovered i-Lube.
Thanks to i-Lube our POS processing went from most times 10 minutes to less than 2 minutes. This allowed us to spend more time with our customers and as a result our ticket went up by 10% in the first month.
The professionals at i-Lube are quick to respond and correct any issues that may occur. They have a wealth of experience with fast lube industry and understand the requirements of a fast lube POS system. I would recommend i-Lube to any fast lube operator who looking to improve there over all service and ticket amount. "

Ish Din
President of Qwik Change Oil and Lube



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