Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the lube business venturing off to form your own multi-national chain, or a first-time lube operator excited to be entering the business we want I-lube to be your POS of choice.

Choosing a POS to run your business is probably one of the most important business decisions you'll make. Will the POS help you grow your business? Can it do everything you need it to do?

Here are some important ideas and questions to ask when considering a POS system:

Is the POS based on a Microsoft Windows environment or in something else like Unix or Linux. This is a very important consideration because you probably don't want a POS based on an obsolete, archaic operating system like Unix. The average computer technician can't program in Unix, can't operate it, and buying a system based on it prevents you from even finding help in your area. You wouldn't want to be tied to the company that builds the POS just because the operating system is so cryptic and archaic.

Is the POS web-based or a stand-alone application? Again, a very important question. Web-based software has many serious disadvantages. The most obvious, of course, is that if the internet goes down, so does your POS. The more troubling is that your data (sales, car counts, etc.) reside on the server of another company. How private is that? How can you be sure that your data is actually safe? Avoid online POS systems at all costs.

Do they have a VIN Scanner, or one that actually works? Again, another very, very important consideration. You don't want to have to check under the hood of every vehicle for the engine size, or ask the customer how old their vehicle is. These are all things you, as a professional business in the lube industry should already know. Buy a POS that uses a VIN scanner; and all the information will be at your fingertips. You'll impress your customers!

Are there hidden costs, or additional costs for adding "modules". It's like going into an ice cream store and being told after you pick your flavor that the cone, is actually, extra. Avoid companies who charge additional costs for modules.

How expensive are their support fees? Oh support fees. How expensive are they? 500.00 a quarter? Find out before you buy. Find out if you add features it the support goes up. Doesn't seem right if it does.


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