point scan done
  1. Point. Scan the vehicle VIN code which accurately returns year, make, model, engine size linking directly to Chek-Chart(tm) Data
  2. Eliminates technician errors with engine codes, filter choices
  3. Customer Service. Meet customers at their windows, view their service history, service recommendations based on their mileage, and select the services they want that day all on the hand-held Greeter!
  4. Show customers on the screen which services are recommended by the manufacturer and which ones they might be overdue for
  5. Scanner will work within 100 feet of the shop allowing for vehicles to be checked in well before they are in the bay.
  6. Reduce frustration, reduce customer drive-aways, improve the quality, accuracy, and professionalism of service you provide.
  7. Done. Send the information to the bay computer, i-lube does the rest!



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