We offer a complete POS system, including if required, hardware, software, static sticker and invoice printers, VIN scanners, inventory scanners, bay command modules and biometric fingerprint scanners.

Bay Command Module – i-lube can display vehicle information as well as critical fluid capacities/recommendations for the bay technician on an easily readable back-lit LCD display. We believe this to be an industry first.

Inventory Scanner- i-lube incorporates the ability to scan/receive purchase orders, receivables as well as inventory control/management all from a hand-held wireless scanner.


E-mail Processes - i-lube can e-mail purchase orders/receivables as well as transfer inventory between locations using our proprietary e-mail system.

Cortex- i-lube can be connected to our back-office solution, called Cortex, which allows a head office to access reports across multiple i-lube systems.

VIN scanning - i-lube has unmatched ability to decode VINS close to 99.6%!

Static label printing - i-lube has the ability to print static reminder labels specific to customer’s requirements.

Data Access - i-lube has the ability to access its SQL database remotely allowing bigger corporations the ability to process data/generate their own custom reports

Inventory Management – i-lube has the ability to manage all of your inventory, including the ability to e-mail purchase orders.

Reporting Tools

Accounting Function - i-lube can be linked directly to many accounting packages.

Reports - i-lube is currently capable of generating nearly 100 reports.

Reminder System - i-lube has a proprietary e-mail reminder system which is capable of learning the pattern of a vehicles history and generating reminders based on that pattern.

Store Sharing - i-lube has the ability to transfer customer/vehicle data and service history between locations.

i-lube features
  1. Our brand-new just released I-lube “Bay Command Module” a proprietary LCD device designed by us to provide filter catalog/vehicle information for the lower technician.
  2. VIN scanning- we have the highest rate of VIN decodes in the industry – nearly 99.6%!
  3. Biometric finger-print readers to enhance log-in and security
  4. Graphical reports- 3-D graphical reports for displaying mission-critical data.
  5. Inventory Scanners- ability to receive inventory on the scanner, scan in purchase orders, and maintain store inventory all on a remote, wireless hand-held scanner.
  6. Learning reminder system- ability to generate reminder cards/e-mails on a learned system of customer behavior.
  7. Cortex- our enterprise-level back office solution.
  8. Ease of Use- I-lube is “just that simple” and we’ve designed it on the “KISS” principle- keep it simple!
  9. Customizability- our customers know we’ll add features for them. We ask what can our software do for them, not what they can do for our software.
  10. Scability- i-lube with it’s enterprise solutions and data access components allow companies to grow on multiple levels. I-lube is truly an enterprise level, fully tiered POS system.

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