Cortex (kôrtex) or, as it is more commonly known as, is the thinking part of our brains (the grey matter), and fittingly is the name of our enterprise back-office solution. Cortex Evolution is a web-based enterprise solution capable of generating robust reports and lightning fast updates on your stores.

Q:  what does Cortex do?
Cortex communicates with i-lube to allow you centralized access to one or many of your store locations and gives you complete control of the store as if you were there.

Q:  what can I do with Cortex?
You can log in remotely to stores to print reports, change employee security access, print fleet statements, post payments, re-print customer's invoices. In short, it does everything i-lube can do.

Q:  if I have Cortex Evolution, can I use it anywhere?
Yes, even if travelling, you can use Cortex Evolution anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access.

Q:  will employees know I am logging into the store with Cortex?
No. Cortex works seamlessly in the background to allow you to connect silently.

IBL (Internet-based Link)
Internet-based link is exclusive technology available only from Inter-link Resources Inc. It is a technology that allows you to have your company website tied directly to your POS system so that your customers can check, print or save their vehicle history from the comfort of their own homes.

Customers of yours simply log into your website, confirm their identity, and voila! instant service history viewing. Eliminate phone calls and e-mails!

Fleets can also use your IBL to check their current balances, re-print their invoices if required, and even send payments all via your website.



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