Running multiple stores means I-lube is the POS of choice. In addition to all the features of I-lube necessary to operate a stand-alone lube shop; I-lube has several features that make it perfect for multiple store operations. i-lube

Q:  what are these features?

1.) Data Sharing: I-lube, can, at night, automatically share customer data between selected locations. This includes customer vital data, vehicle data and vehicle service history.

2.) Fleet Sharing: This is an exclusive feature of I-lube for multiple store operations. Not only does I-lube share fleet service history and data, it can consolidate all of your fleet transactions so that your fleet statements can be printed at one location, and generate a consolidated statement for all locations that serviced those vehicles.

3.) Cortex: This is our enterprise-level back office solution that allows you access to any individual store as if you were at that store. You can print reports, check the daily sales, alter employee access, all with Cortex from your head office. Cortex connects seamlessly into your stores across the internet, and does not alert the store to your presence. You can monitor I-lube from your office any time of day from anywhere in the world, provided you have internet access from that location.


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