First of all, let us say welcome. The fast-lube industry is most certainly the place to be. So you're setting up a new shop? or are you buying an existing one? Either way, there is lots to do, and might need a little help to get you on your way. Give us a call at 866.724.5872 to speak with any member of our team. We have years of experience in the fast-lube industry and we'd be happy to share our knowledge with you.

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Here are 3 steps we think you should take in choosing and deciding on your POS.

First, make a list of all the things that you want your POS system to do for you. Then find out if the POS provider can do these things.

Second is check out all companies offering POS to the fast-lube industry. Why would we recommend viewing our competitors products? Because we are confident you'll buy I-lube; and we're even more confident you'll want I-lube after comparing us to our competitors.

Third ask if your POS provides Inventory scanning, VIN scanning, hand-held greeters, biometric scanners, vehicle sharing, touchscreen. If the other POS providers don't provide all this and more then we think your best decision is I-lube.

Top 10 Myths about Fast-Lube POS

1. Old companies, with technology based on archaic and obselete operating systems never go extinct. That's right and neither did the dinosaurs.

2. Online POS is a good idea. That's right until the internet goes down, or a disgruntled employee sells your data to marketing companies.

3. Touch-screen is not a good idea. That's right until you realize that touch screen can speed up services, and make you more money.

4. VIN Scanners don't "work right". That's right they won't work right with companies who don't understand their value. Customers love being asked how old their vehicle is, or how big their engine is. They don't expect you to know.

5. Inventory Scanners don't work. That's right, entering stock by hand, or counting the store by hand is much more economical and a fine use of your time. No need to automate this.

6. Service reviews, and oil lamp reset procedures should cost more. That's right, the more you add; the more we charge; even in support. People love paying POS companies, and the more they charge the happier we are.

7. Adding stores to our backoffice should cost us more. That's right, the more you add; the more we charge.

8. Internet/e-mail is a fad. Fax purchase orders, and fax re-prints of customers history. Yes the ability to email purchare orders, customer reminders, and service history/invoices is a fad likely to pass.

9. Contracts are good. That's right, the longer a customer is locked in the better. Get 'em to sign for as long as they will.

10. Overcharge. The more expensive the system and the more expensive the support must mean a better system, right?

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